Home Pest pose a Great danger to human health, it is the largest carrier for infectious diseases, that transfer diseases and germs from one place to another, Therefore we must be careful…

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The cleanliness is one of the necessary basics in our lives in order to enjoy the psychological comfort and live in a healthy and safe environment free from diseases.


A glossy name in Pest Control and Cleaning Services, ABSHER Pest Control and Cleaning is considered one of the prestigious and renowned companies in the UAE; the company has a proven track record of achievements and successes in the field of Pest Control and cleaning.

ABSHER was founded in 2010, and it’s located in the capital Abu Dhabi. The company has a wide network of customers across the UAE, has expanded its activities markedly and large, thanks to the high quality of work and providing the best products and services, both in the field of pest control or cleaning services.